Bill Erickson
New Media Entrepreneur

What is this?

This is a tumblelog (using tumblr). It is a collection of my online activity, including blog posts, flickr photos, Natuba (mobile) photos, twitter posts, links, and comments elsewhere.

Who am I?

I'm a designer, a photographer, a consultant, a college student, a skiier, a net native, a theatre fanboy, and an Australian (if living there for three years counts). Here's some articles about me.

I have a coworking space in Downtown Bryan called The Creative Space, where I'm working on Erickson Media Group, Activist Apparel, and a few other projects.

I am also one of the founders of the BIL Conference, a free unconference run in conjunction with TED.

Find me on

flickr, twitter, facebook,, LinkedIn, Natuba,, and Netflix.

and here's my CV

I'm currently working on:

BIL Conference

Erickson Media Group

Activist Apparel

#thesis request: ability to specify max post image size, just like thumbnail. I’ve had to build this into 2 Thesis sites… today!

Today’s photo of the day is the beautiful Messina Hof Winery:

I’ve started posting a photo a day to The next 3 days will have great panoramic shots. Check it out!

Great talk by @mattcutts on SEO ( ). When people contact me about SEO help, I’m asking them to watch that first.

Google Chrome seems to be the only browser that ignores color profiles in images: try in FF & Chrome. cc: @TreyRatcliff

#TED talk on OK Go video ( ). We were lucky enough at #BIL to do this talk on the actual set of the video.

I just checked out the #thesiswp site and I’m in the Gallery Showcase!

This weekend I launched a new version of my website ( ). What do you think? #thesiswp